The Co-Curricular Program is an integral and valued part of the College and has contributed to the overall experiences and learning of students since the College began. Whilst the events of the past two years have significantly impacted the running of the Co-Curricular program, it has provided us with the opportunity to stop, reflect and re-evaluate the program and the needs of our students. We have gathered much data from our staff, students and our parent community to facilitate the review and are excited to be embarking on a new re-imagined program starting in 2023.

The new program will be implemented in a series of stages and be centralised around student growth and developing the skills and attributes necessary for our students to reach their full potential in life. It will also provide students the opportunity to be recognised for their personal growth across a diverse range of activities across Creativity, Activity and Service domains showcasing their transferable and tangible assets and making our students more than just an ATAR post their studies at Kardinia. We look forward to sharing more information next year as we begin to slowly roll out this new and exciting era of our Co-Curricular Program.

The following co-curricular activities are offered:

  • Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Diving, Fencing, Hockey, Judo, Iaido, Netball, Football, Soccer, Rowing, Yoga, Volleyball, Personal Training, Touch Rugby
  • Drama productions, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble and singing groups
  • French Club, Japanese Cultural Club, French Newspaper, The Word (English), DAV Debating, Maths tutoring, Tournament of Minds and Robocup
  • Duke of Edinburgh, X Country Skiing camp, Cooking Club, Drone Club, Photography, Chess Club, Social Justice, Media Crew, Woodwork, Karen Homework Club