The SPICE Model

Within the College’s Strategic Plan 2022-2032, the ‘SPICE’ model was also introduced. The SPICE framework outlines the Social, Personal, Intercultural, Critical and Creative thinking, and Ethical skills and attributes that Kardinia instils in all of its’ students.

JS Inquiring

The social skills that Kardinia students hold enable them to be socially aware, multi literate learners that actively listen and communicate with those around them. They are respectful and responsible digital citizens who have research and presentation skills.

Kardinia students have an array of personal skills and attributes, including reflection, resilience, responsibility, self-awareness and self-management. All of these contribute to our students being personally responsible, balanced human beings.

A Kardinia student with intercultural skills and attributes is a young person that appreciates global perspectives, is culturally aware and respectful, embraces diversity, and strives to be a global citizen.

The critical and creative thinking skills that a Kardinia student holds empowers them to be analysers, design thinkers, evaluators and innovators. They inquire, problem solve and take risks.

Kardinia students are ethical leaders and collaborators, who are collaborative leaders and self-starters that are ethically responsible and understanding.

To learn more about Kardinia's SPICE model, view our Strategic Plan 2022-2032 through the link below.