Wisdom. Respect. Friendship.

At Kardinia International College, 'Wisdom leads to Respect and Friendship' isn't simply a saying. It is a living motto; one that inspires members of the College community to act in ways that promote peace and harmony in the world.

At Kardinia our Learning Journey looks like:

Junior School

Using an inquiry-based approach, students are able to construct meaning of the world around them.

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Senior School

Developing global citizens through our innovative curriculum and rich international and cultural experiences.

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At Kardinia we are

More than just an ATAR.

  • Social

    Kardinia students are socially aware, multiliterate learners.

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  • Personal

    Kardinia students are personally responsible, balanced human beings.

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  • Intercultural

    Kardinia students are intercultural, global citizens.

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  • Critical and Creative

    Kardinia students are critical thinking, creative innovators.

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  • Ethical

    Kardinia students are ethical leaders and collaborators.

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At Kardinia we are...

Focused on student wellbeing

Maintaining and enhancing an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and appreciated.

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Prioritising individual learning for every student

Encouraging a growth mindset where learning is valued beyond grades received.

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Developing internationally minded students

Embracing, valuing and nurturing strong connections within our local, national and global communities.

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Advancing technology and innovation

Supporting and enhancing a positive and productive learning environment for all community members.

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Focusing on community and sustainability

Providing a clear understanding of how our actions lead to environmentally responsible, global citizenship.

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Co-Curricular Activities

  • Creativity

    The College offers dance, performing arts and music co-curricular activities. Band genres include Contemporary, Rock, Indie Trio and Stage and Concert bands. Other ensembles include Brass, Saxophones, Senior Strings, Junior Strings, String Quartet, Taiko Drumming, Senior Choir and Junior Choir.

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  • Activity

    Kardinia competes in the Geelong Independant Schools Sports Association (GISSA) Sports in the co-curricular program include Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Fencing, Hockey, Judo, Netball, Football, Soccer, Rowing, Surfing, Yoga, Volleyball, Personal Training and Touch Rugby.

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  • Service

    Co-curricular clubs run at lunchtime or after school. Clubs include French Club, Japanese Cultural Club, Sewing Club, The Word (English), Debating, Maths tutoring, Tournament of Minds, Drone Club, Photography, Chess Club, Social Justice Committee, Media Crew and Homework Club.

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