Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education Explorations are a valuable part of the Junior School program. Providing opportunities outside of the daily learning environment allows students to further develop their independence and deepen their relationships with each other.

The following Outdoor Education Explorations are currently provided for our Junior School students:

(Please note, these costs are based on 2023 rates and are considered very rough until we have final numbers and exact pricing).

Year Level Exploration Dates Approximate Cost ($) Theme(s)
Year 2
Kardinia International College Sleepover
October 17-18, 2024
No Cost
Building independence, connection to nature.
Year 3
Camp Burnside
October 24-25, 2024
"Positive relationships and emotional wellbeing", learner profile: courageous, ATL: self-management skills (resilience, perseverance).
Year 4
Cave Hill Creek
August 12-14, 2024
Building resilience and emotional wellbeing, learner profile: communicator, ATL: social skills (emotional intelligence, respecting others).
Year 5
Anglesea/Airey's Adventure
November 27-29, 2024
Empowering growth and social responsibility and engagement, learner profile: balanced, ATL: self-management (perseverance, emotional management, self-motivation, resilience).
Year 6
Camp Allambie
October 8-11, 2024
Transitioning with confidence: nurturing wellbeing in times of change, learner profile: caring/principled/open-minded, ATL: social skills (self-control, supporting others).