Student Orientation Program

To help overseas students familiarise themselves with the College campus, the facilities and their fellow classmates, students are required to arrive at the College two days prior to the commencement of the school term to undertake the College Orientation Program.

On arrival, overseas students will be warmly welcomed by the College’s Overseas Student Team and members of our student-led International Council. On the first day of the Orientation Program all of our new overseas students will be:

  • Welcomed by the Principal, the Overseas Student Coordinator and Homestay Coordinator
  • Meet with the Homestay Coordinator to learn about living with their new homestay family
  • Have a half day workshop with a “buddy” from the student led International Council with a one-on-one introduction to their new laptop, online learning tools and learning at the College
  • Involved in a variety of activities that will help students feel at home
  • Have a tour of the College– including canteen, Student Services, the Computer Services Centre
  • Fitted for College and Sports uniforms
  • Have an English test so that the most appropriate English as an Additional Language (EAL) class can be chosen

On the second day of orientation overseas students will be interviewed individually to discuss their academic plans, future career goals and to explore any challenges. Local bank accounts will be opened.

From the commencement of the College term, overseas students will be part of the normal school program. The Overseas Students Coordinator and the Homestay Coordinator will be assigned to assist any overseas students having difficulty with the first few days of school. The aim of the College is to integrate all students into one happy and unified student community, as quickly as possible.