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Kardinia International College manages their own professional swimming lesson program for both the College and wider community, encompassing Learn to Swim, School Swimming Programs and Squad Swimming for all ages.

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About the Swim School Program

Swim School Lesson Progression

Kardinia International College Swimming Club

Frequently Asked Questions

To make an enqiry about the Swim School, please email aquatics@kardinia.vic.edu.au or call us on 03 5247 3225. To complete an online enrolment form for the Swim School, or to access our Customer Portal for currently enrolled families, click on the buttons below.

About the Swim School Program

The KIC Swim School program has been developed by a team with over 35 years of industry experience. Our program follows a similar principle to the Kardinia International College Senior School’s Vertical Curriculum, whereby a student will be able to accelerate their learning in areas where they are strong.

Each level includes compulsory and elective skills. In every level there are six (6) compulsory skills, which must be performed to progress to the next level. In addition, there are six (6) elective skills. A student needs to demonstrate at least three (3) of the elective skills to progress to the next level. Elective skills are vital swimming skills however, the competency of these will not hinder a child’s progression to the next level. Our teachers and supervisors will continue to work with the student to develop these skills.

Our program is open to all children in the wider community, not just Kardinia International College students.

Swim School Lesson Progression

Water Familiarisation

Parent and Me 1-2, Transition 30 minute classes

Classes for 6 months to 2.5 years of age, with parent assistance. Students will be introduced to the water in a safe and supportive environment, with both parent and child learning how to be safe around the water. From 2.3 years of age (at the commencement of the term) students are moved into a Transition class where we prepare the student to commence lessons without a parent in the water from the following term.

Levels 1-3, 45 minute lesson

During these early levels, we introduce students to the water. Students will develop the skills to aid them being safe around water and provide the foundations of stroke development. By the end of these stages, students will be confident in and around the water.

Stroke Introduction

Levels 4-7, 45 minute lesson

In these levels, we start to introduce recognised swimming strokes and correct technique. By the completion of these levels, students will have covered Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Survival Backstroke in full. Butterfly skills will also be introduced however, the full stroke is not developed.

Stroke Development

Levels 8-10, 45 minute lesson leading to 60 minute lesson at Level 9 (Currently 45 minute due to COVID restrictions)

We are now refining the techniques of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Survival Backstroke. Full Butterfly stroke is taught and refined.

Kardinia International College Swimming Club

We operate our own competitive swimming club from the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre alongside the Swim School program. Our Squad program is open to anyone in the community – not limited to only Kardinia International College students.

Kardinia International College Swimming Club is a registered competitive club with Swimming Victoria and is affiliated with the Barwon South West Swimming Association.

We currently offer four different squad levels - Junior Squad, Development Squad, Cross Training Squad and Country Squad. All swimmers looking to join our squad program will be assessed prior to joining the program to determine the most appropriate group, based on ability and how many sessions you wish to attend each week.

All squad groups require attendance of at least two sessions per week, and all swimmers attending the Squad program must be registered with Swimming Victoria within two weeks of joining the program. There is no mandatory requirement to attend competitions however, it is strongly encouraged.

To enquire about our squad program please email aquatics@kardinia.vic.edu.au

Frequently Asked Questions

My child does not attend Kardinia International College, can they still attend swimming lessons?

Yes! Our program is open to the wider community, so anyone can participate in our swimming lesson and squad program.

What Swimming Lesson Program will be running?

Our team have developed our own swimming program based on over 35 years of experience in the industry. Our program is not run at any other facility and has a strong technical base, with water safety and survival skills performed in Water Safety Week each term.

How do I enrol into the Swim School?

We have an Online Enrolment Form to help with the process, please ensure to include the following information:

  • Student name
  • Age
  • Current swim school level
  • Preferred days and time slots

Once the online enrolment form is completed, we will be in contact and organise to conduct an initial assessment.

How many children are in each Swim School class?

Class sizes will be dependant on levels. In each level there will be a maximum of 8 students.

What if my preferred day or time slot is not available?

If your preferred day or time slot is not available, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative or place your child on a waitlist.

I am an adult in an adult squad or learning to swim class. Will there be lessons for me?

At this time we are not offering Adult group lessons or squad programs however, we can offer private lessons. If you are wishing to participate in a group lesson or squad program, please express your interest to aquatics@kardinia.vic.edu.au and we will consider adding these programs in the future.

Will you be offering private lessons?

Private lessons are available. Please contact aquatics@kardinia.vic.edu.au and we will contact you regarding available private lesson dates and times.

I am interested in Swim Teaching. Are you looking for staff?

Definitely. Please email aquatics@kardinia.vic.edu.au with your resumé and a brief cover letter outlining current experience and availability for shifts for both school swimming and the after-school swimming program. We are also able to assist with supervised hours towards obtaining your qualifications.

How will you communicate my child’s progression with me?

You will be able to track your child’s progression through the SwimBiz customer portal. Certificates will be awarded upon the mastering of skills and levels.

Are we able to come in for Lap Swimming at the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre?

We are currently only open for lap swimming for KIC Students and their immediate families, KIC Staff and their immediate families and KIC Alumni in the mornings, Monday to Friday from 6am to 8am.