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Annual Report

Annual Report 2023

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Senior Student Wellbeing Management and Services

College Uniform Guide

Strategic Plan 2022-2032

Reconciliation Action Plan 2023 - 2024

Policy Documents

College Academic Honesty Policy

College Bullying and Harassment Policy

College Complaints and Grievance Policy

College Enrolment Policy

College Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

College Scholarship Policy

College Fee Collection Policy

College ICT User Policy for Students

College Parent Code of Conduct

School Community Safety Order - Internal Review Procedures

College Privacy Policy

College Students Use of Social Media Policy

College Student Party Policy

College Whistleblower Policy

College Concussion Policy

Student Wellbeing Policies

Student Wellbeing (Child Safe) Policy

College Child Safe Code of Conduct

College Student Wellbeing - Concerns Procedure

College Student Wellbeing - Responsible Student Behaviour

Kindergarten Policies

Kindergarten Acceptance and Refusal Policy

Kindergarten Administration of First Aid Policy

Kindergarten Administration of Medication Policy

Kindergarten Delivery and Collection of Children Policy

Kindergarten Dealing with Infectious Disease Policy

Kindergarten Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy

Kindergarten Education and Program Practices Policy

Kindergarten Excursion and Incursions Policy

Kindergarten Hygiene Policy

Kindergarten Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

Kindergarten Interactions with Children Policy

Kindergarten Nutrition and Active Plan Policy

Kindergarten Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy

Kindergarten Relaxation and Sleep Policy

Kindergarten Staff Arrangement Policy

Kindergarten Sun Protection Policy

Kindergarten Supervision Policy

Kindergarten Water Safety Policy