Junior School

The Kardinia International College Junior School is passionate about student learning and growth. Our outstanding teachers and staff ensure learning is relevant, challenging, authentic and fun through diverse learning experiences.

Using an inquiry-based approach, students are able to construct meaning of the world around them and are supported to grow positive relationships, being mindful of themselves, others and the environment.

Through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) we strive to develop responsible global citizens who are empowered to take meaningful action towards creating a better world. Our students are connected to each other as well as to local, national and international communities in a variety of ways.

Our students enjoy learning in vibrant and dynamic learning spaces including outstanding outdoor play spaces, beautiful gardens and synthetic and dedicated sports facilities.

Matt Baron - Head of Junior School
Matt Baron
Head of Junior School
Lower Primary
Upper Primary


The Highview three and four-year-old Kindergarten is a modern facility with clearly defined areas to encourage exploration, investigation and play, both inside and outside. The three-year-old Kindergarten program is our main intake year for our Junior School. The College undertakes the intake process for our three-year-old Kindergarten program, the year prior. For more information on our three-year-old Kindergarten enrolment process, click here.

Both the three-year-old and four-year-old Kindergarten Programs are funded. To be eligible for our three-year-old Kindergarten program, students must turn three by 30 April of that year. Please note: Students cannot commence three-year-old Kindergarten until they turn three years old. The four-year-old Kindergarten Program is for the year before the commencement of primary school. Both programs provide an exciting learning environment for children turning 3 – 5 years of age and foster individual development in a caring and supportive environment. These include spaces for reading, writing, art, construction, imaginative play and science. Students are given the freedom and guidance to grow, develop and understand the world around them in a nurturing environment.

The teaching team is committed to engaging children through play-based learning. We believe that play is the child’s way of learning and this occurs at Highview in a carefully planned and organised environment, which promotes investigation, experimentation, examination, collaboration and reflection. The relationships that the children establish with other children and adults are of central importance to their development and learning.

Policies specific to our Kindergarten are available here.

The children make an easy transition to Foundation Year (Prep) at the College. They engage in programs in our very modern and well-equipped Inquiry Centre and have regular contact with teachers and students in the Junior School. Buddies assist in making a smooth transition from four-year-old Kindergarten to Foundation Year.

Lower Primary

Our Lower Primary Centre is an engaging environment for our Foundation to Year 2 students. With outstanding outdoor play spaces, beautiful gardens, basketball courts, an oval and vibrant learning spaces, students are provided with an excellent physical environment in which to learn. Coupled with expert teachers and authentic learning opportunities, the Lower Primary Centre builds on the quality programme offered at Highview.

Upper Primary

Students from Year 3 to Year 6 flourish in specially designed learning spaces, dedicated sports facilities and engaging play spaces. The last of our new Upper Primary buildings were completed in early 2023. With access to up-to-date technology designed to accelerate learning, the Upper Primary Centre and Kardinia Grove Campus are outstanding environments in which to learn. With learning spaces designed to support a range of learning styles and needs, the Upper Primary Centre is an exciting place to be. Senior Primary Students participate in a take-home one-to-one device program designed to complement the curriculum. Students in Middle Primary also participate in a one-to-one tablet program, with devices remaining at school.

Year 5 at Kardinia Grove

In February 2017, our Kardinia Grove Year 5 Campus was officially opened by our Board Chair, Mr Yoshihisa Katsumata. This purpose-built campus sits on approximately 30 acres of farmland just minutes from our main campus at Bell Post Hill.

The Kardinia Grove experience gives our students a unique opportunity to develop self by engaging in authentic, place-based learning experiences that are both sustainable and community-minded. We believe that this campus is an exceptional setting for personal, environmental and community growth. We believe that our learners are making a change to create change.

With permaculture as an underlying principle of this farm-type environment, students inquire into environmental issues that are authentic and relevant to them both now and in the future.

With a focus on developing self, students grow in character and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of being community-minded and working towards common goals.

Students can learn from their surroundings in many ways. The building itself can log a range of data, such as electricity and water usage, that can be monitored by the students. Recycled water is used to irrigate an orchard, with solar panels and a wind turbine providing green energy to the site. Students engage in animal care activities with the various animals on-site including chickens, sheep, cows and goats.

Watch the Kardinia Grove video below to learn more.