Homestay Program

Kardinia International College manages a safe and coordinated Homestay Program where our overseas students live in a caring and nurturing environment with closely monitored, local, Australian families. Our Homestay Program has the advantage of providing our overseas students with a rewarding, Australian cultural experience, while also improving their English language skills.

All our overseas students are encouraged to practice speaking English whenever possible to improve their Australian social and study experience. Academic success for overseas students is very strongly linked to English language skills. We recognise that for students with limited English skills, this can be challenging! We support our overseas students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) subjects and classes with extra English sessions available at lunchtimes, as required.

The College has a full-time Homestay Coordinator whose sole responsibility is the ongoing welfare of all of our overseas students. There are strong College connections between the student, the student’s family, homestay family and the College. This support includes:

  • An orientation program for homestay students
  • Regular one-on-one meetings with the Homestay Coordinator who communicates regularly with homestay families and the student’s parents and overseas agents
  • Cultural outings during the school year and some holidays for overseas student

The College’s Homestay Coordinator is Mrs Yuting Zhao. She has extensive experience with overseas students in boarding schools and Homestay Programs. To contact Mrs Zhao, please email

Students who are 13 years of age or older are able to be enrolled at our College and live with our approved homestay families. Due to Australian Government regulations, Junior or Primary School overseas students must live with, or be cared for by a parent or close relative.

Becoming a Homestay Family

Homestay families are a core part of our Overseas Student Program. Looking after a student from overseas (short or long-term) is both an exciting and rewarding experience, and a commitment. Students come to our school from the age of 13, but most come around Years 9 – 10 (16 years of age) and then continue into Year 12.

We are always keen to talk with people (families and couples) who are interested in becoming involved in hosting an overseas student. Homestay families are paid a weekly allowance to look after our students. This amount is designed to cover costs, including all meals and other reasonable items. There are expectations that homestay families will take students to sport and other activities outside of school time, as well as attending academic events such as parent/teacher interviews, similar to what you would do as a parent of your own children.

We have a dedicated Homestay Coordinator who helps you support our students in your home and acts as the primary contact between the school and home.

If you are interested in becoming involved or would like to know more please contact Homestay Coordinator Yuting Zhao at