Kardinia International College offers Year 7 Academic, Years 7 -11 Music Scholarships, and Year 10 Bridges Scholarships (General Excellence) for students who couldn’t otherwise attend the College for financial reasons.

Year 10 Bridges Scholarships

The Bridge is a significant part of the Kardinia International College emblem, symbolising moving forward, crossing to other parts of life, meeting and welcoming people from other parts of the world and together building a bright future. The Bridges Scholarships are offered to new students entering Year 10 in the following year who could not otherwise attend the College for financial reasons. The Scholarships are awarded for general excellence with an emphasis on academic achievement combined with high achievement in at least one of the following: the arts, sport, leadership, science and technology, community service or social justice. Winners of these scholarships must also be able to demonstrate a strong connection to the College’s cornerstones in particular, international mindedness.

The awarding of scholarships will be based on an initial application followed by a panel interview for shortlisted students.

The student’s application should include the following:

  • A maximum two page summary of achievements
  • School reports for the last two years
  • Submission of parent’s last tax file return to determine suitability from a financial sense
  • Two references one from their current school and one from someone who can attest to the excellence of the student in any of the listed areas
  • A maximum of 500 words on why the student would like to attend Kardinia International College
  • A maximum of 500 words on what international mindedness means to the student
  • A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate

Students from indigenous backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Applications for the Bridges Scholarship for 2025 are now open and will close Friday 19 July 2024. Please use the Application Form below.

Year 7 Academic and Year 7-11 Music Scholarships

Kardinia International College offers both Academic and Music scholarships. Academic scholarships are available to students entering Year 7. Music scholarships are available to students entering Years 7 – 11. Students entering Year 7 may be eligible for both an Academic and Music scholarship. To be eligible for a scholarship at Kardinia International College, students must have an application for enrolment at the College. For more information, please view our Scholarship Policy.

Scholarship registrations for 2025 are now closed.

Music Scholarships (Years 7-11)

Music scholarships are awarded to applicants on the basis of an audition, school reports and an interview with the Principal.

Students applying for a music scholarship in a particular year level should be playing at a recommended grade level (AMEB) or higher*. Lower levels are acceptable for brass and vocal students. Vocal auditions are available for students in Years 9-11 only.

  • Year 7 – minimum grade level (AMEB) 2
  • Year 8 – minimum grade level (AMEB) 3
  • Year 9 – minimum grade level (AMEB) 4
  • Year 10 – minimum grade level (AMEB) 5
  • Year 11-12 (VCE and IB) – minimum grade level (AMEB) 6

*Actual completion of the grade exam is not required.

In the first instance, all Music Scholarship applicants will need to submit a video of the applicant playing TWO pieces on their primary instrument from an angle that clearly shows them playing.

If the applicant is showcasing more than one instrument, they may play one piece on each instrument for a total of TWO performances.

The pieces can be anything that represents their current standard.

The format of the video needs to be in a common format MP4 or similar and be a maximum of 10 minutes total in duration.

The College will contact all applicants with the link to upload their video auditions.

The Music Department will review all Music Scholarship video auditions and make a shortlist of successful applicants for in person auditions.

All Music Scholarship applicants will be contacted regarding the outcome of their video audition.

Successful students who are shortlisted to attend an in person audition will have a short interview where they will be asked to perform two works of contrasting styles, complete some simple aural tests, a short sight reading test and conclude with a discussion briefly outlining their musical interests and goals. The pieces chosen for performance should demonstrate the student’s standard of musical and technical ability. The audition and interview takes approximately 20 minutes.

Students are welcome to audition on more than one instrument if they have reached the suggested levels on each. Instrumentalists should provide their own accompanist or backing CD for accompanied works.

Please arrive at the School of Performing Arts at Kardinia International College (enter via Ballarat Road) 15 minutes before the audition, to allow time for tuning and instrument warm-up.

Please Note 1: Successful applicants are required as a condition of the award, to participate in an instrumental and/or vocal ensemble as deemed appropriate.
Please Note 2: Music Scholarships will be reviewed biennially.

Successful Music Scholarship recipients will be entitled to a reduction in academic and/or music tuition fees, as determined by the Principal. All responsibility for instrumental music fees will rest with the recipient.

All Music Scholarship applicants must submit a video audition. Successful shortlisted applicants will be invited to perform an in person audition.

Music Scholarship registrations for 2025 have closed.

Academic Scholarships (Year 7)

Academic scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of their performance in an Edutest examination, school reports and an interview with the Principal. Academic scholarships are offered at entry to Year 7 only. Academic scholarships are offered for the duration of the student’s enrolment at Kardinia International College.

To be eligible to sit for the Academic scholarship examination, students must be in Year 6.

Academic Scholarship registrations for 2025 have closed.