Kardinia eNews - Wednesday 24 May 2023

From the Principal


Last week we had the accreditation team from the Council of International Schools (CIS) visit the College. They were a lovely group of people who volunteered their time to be thought partners with us in the process of ongoing school improvement. They had many wonderful observations about our school and what is going well and were particularly impressed with the students that they met.

They will also have some constructive, supportive recommendations for us to work towards and these will come through their final report. We expect to receive the report before the end of next term and I will share a summary of the report with our College community at that time.

Thank you to all the members of our community who had some input into this process, through meetings or surveys, it is greatly appreciated.

From the Acting Head of Junior School


Dear families,

It has been another busy week full of rich learning experiences.

Year 5, How we Express Ourselves
Our Year 5 students travelled to GPAC and were also visited by senior school students. These students and staff are inquiring into; different creative art forms, artistic techniques which engage audiences and messages through performance. We are all excited to see where this inquiry could take Year 5 next.

JS Disco
You know it’s been a great experience when everyone was having too much fun to take a photo. That was the case last Friday night at our JS disco. Thanks so much to all our KIC Connect group and parents for putting on such a fun community event!

Veggie garden

Foundation Year Learning

Foundation Year students travelled to the Common Ground Project to continue their inquiry into living things. The trip included a workshop relating to how to create healthy soil. Students collected items that were green (e.g. leaves, grass), brown (e.g. dead leaves, sticks, dirt, coffee ground beans) and living creatures (worms, snails) for the compost.

Highview Trips and Community Connections

Last week our K4 learners travelled to the Grove to learn about the animals, plants and systems on the farm. Throughout the week there were also several community events to celebrate International Families Week.

International Families Week

Thanks so much for the great spirit displayed last week for International Families Week. The various activities and Friday’s dress up day started some wonderful conversations about different parts of the world and being internationally minded. At Kardinia we believe that if we are truly living the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, we have taken great steps toward being internationally minded.

The Grove Friday Market is trialling a new location

The rough weather last Friday resulted in some conversations about a different location for the Year 5 students to sell their produce. Grove students will be set up next to the entrance to the Upper Primary building for the next couple of weeks to see how things go. This successful market is part of their inquiry into being an entrepreneur. They look forward to seeing you on Friday mornings from 8:30am.

Kind regards,

Geoff Geddes
Acting Head of Junior School

College Photos 2023

Our annual school photos will be taken by Arthur Reed Photos on the following dates in 2023:

  • Thursday 1 June
  • Friday 2 June
  • Monday 5 June
  • Tuesday 6 June

Arthur Reed Photos uses an electronic system where all ordering is done online after photo day, so there will be no need to return any forms or money to school on the day of the photos. All students will have their individual portraits and class photos taken on their designated photo day.

Further information regarding photo ordering codes and sibling photo registrations, will be emailed to families in the coming days.

Football Boot Drive

PYPEX Survey

We are reaching out to our KIC community to identify parents (or their connections) who may be able to support the students with their PYP Exhibition inquiries. Below is a list of the personal interests that our students are inquiring into. We have noticed that in the past almost all of the research being done by the students is primarily from websites. It is REALLY important for the students to connect with primary resources to gather authentic, expert information. If you are willing to be contacted by a student/group, can you please fill in the relevant details?

We are also including information about our Single Subject Classes, where our students have the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of ways. If you have experience, expertise or talents in any of the areas below, our students (and the SST teachers!!) would love to hear from you. If you can help with the creative element of the PYPEX add your information below and Laura Moore will reach out to you. This help will be required from June 7. For further information you can email Laura at l.moore@kardinia.vic.edu.au

Many, many thanks everyone for helping our students out!


Community Engagement and Foundation News 


Katelyn Clutterbuck- Class of 2015

“After graduating, I studied a Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Languages (Japanese), followed by a Master of Science in Chemistry at Melbourne University. Last year, I moved to Sydney to start working towards my PhD in Chemistry at the University of Sydney, where I also teach undergraduate classes. My research involves making materials that will allow for faster and more energy efficient data transmission in next-generation devices."


Save the Date – Friday 27 October

Class of 2022, please ensure that your email and mobile contact details are up to date on The Kardinians: https://kardinians.com/

The RSVP reunion link will be sent to you in August. We will look forward to seeing you all at your very first Reunion!

Fiona Russell- Community Engagement and Foundation Coordinator

Music News

Youth Mental Health Fundraiser – May 19

Kardinia’s contemporary band, Square 1, were privileged to take part in a Rotary event fundraiser for Youth Mental Health on Friday night. They joined a professional jazz band, a theatre group and a band from Belmont High who each donated their time and skills for this worthy cause. The event took place at the Geelong West Town Hall and the Square 1 students performed very professionally to the appreciative audience. Congratulations to the band members: Millie Roberts, Cookie Robertson, Nikita Ginoski, Alannah Farrar, Jude Lane, Yoyo Zhong, Abby Straughn, Ethan Clift and Angus Borschmann.

Waterfront Market – May 7

The Square 1 students as well as members of KIC Brass, Delilah Johnson and Daisy Quick all braved the cold and rainy weather on Sunday May 7 for a gig at the Geelong Makers and Growers Waterfront Market. The inclement weather did not deter their huge audience who appreciated the efforts of these young musicians who joyfully performed.

Congratulations Tom Hussey!

Congratulations to Tom Hussey (Year 6) who competed in the Division Championship today and finished in 3rd place. He will now go on to compete in the Western Metropolitan Region event on June 19. Good luck Tom!

From the Archives


Since its inception, the College has recognized the achievements and contributions of students each year through several awards covering a wide range of areas including; study, community service, the performing arts, debating and Sport.

Academic Excellence- Awards in this category are based solely on the level of academic achievement attained by the recipients across the full range of units, which they have attempted. Academic achievement is measured by the grades each recipient has received for assessment tasks completed during the unit. The top five percent of students receive this award at the end of each semester.

Outstanding Application- Awards in this category are based solely on the level of effort demonstrated by the recipients in their participation in class, completion of work set in class and in their completion of work assigned for completion out of class time. For each unit which they teach, subject teachers may nominate students for this award. To receive such an award a student must be nominated by at least four teachers. These awards are also presented at the end of each semester.

Colours- Students may also be eligible to receive colours in recognition of their achievements or contribution in the following areas:

  • Sport- Laurel Wreath
  • Music - Treble Clef
  • Drama - Actor under spotlight
  • Debating- Speaker at podium
  • Academic Achievement- Quill and parchment
  • House Participation- Strip in the appropriate house colour or house letter in house colour on white.

The Colours are presented annually during the Prefect and Colours Investiture. Each student awarded colours, receives a certificate specifying the category and achievement. The student has the option of wearing the symbol for the colours on their blazer breast pocket.

The earliest Academic Colours were awarded to:

2003 - Catherine Mackay, Laura Whitmore, Matthew Finlay and Bethany Keats

2004 - David Bowly, Alyce Cooper and Bonnie Temple

2005 - Angela Chang, Claire Edwards, Heidi Fahnie, Kieran Hensey, Ariel Rush, Adam Russell and Ben Winter

The earliest House Colours were awarded to:

2003 - Hilary O’Dwyer

2004 - David Bowly, Alexandra Campbell, Christian Cavallo, Angela Chang, Megan Cramp, Graeme Gange, Tristan LeBreton, Liam McManus, James Robertson, Nathan Sayers, Emma Scott and Jonathon Walker

2005 - Zoe Adams, Alex Canton, Claire Edwards, Alex Hadskis-Gordon, Kieran Hensey, Darcy Hoare, Nick O’Hare, Adam Russell, Katie Storey, Jasmin Van Laar, Andrew Walker and Bethany Woolf


Dowie, P. Kardinia International College- The First Ten Years- 1996 to 2005.

Dowie, P & Russell, F. Kardinia International College- Celebrating Twenty Years- 1996 to 2015.

The next article features ‘House Music and Debating’

Fiona Russell- Archivist

School TV

Eating disorders are a serious, potentially life-threatening mental health illness that can have significant physical and emotional effects. It is an illness that does not discriminate affecting both males and females of all ages and backgrounds. Although often starting during adolescence, recent data shows that it is now becoming more common for children under the age of 12 to be diagnosed. Often, an eating disorder develops as a way for a young person to feel in control about what is happening in their life. It can be triggered by personal, environmental, psychological, biological or social factors. Although the focus is on food, weight and shape, there is often an underlying issue being masked by the eating disorder. There are many things that parents can do in the prevention of an eating disorder, but they do need to be aware of the warning signs.

Click here to watch this episode: https://kardinia.vic.schooltv.me/newsletter/eating-disorders